Founder of Medina Softball Clinics

Tony Medina has been actively coaching Softball for more than 30 years. Tony is the founder Medina Softball, who offers a weekly schedule of fielding skills clinics in the Los Angeles and Orange County, California area. Tony also take his skills clinics on the road, offering clinics in different locations in the US and Canada, always making a stop in Hawaii.


On the field, Coach Tony’s energy radiates. His passion for the game, shows in the endless energy and enthusiasm, he brings to each session. Known for offering a high paced and fun environment for his players to train, he keeps his players challenged and moving, packing in the work done in each sessions. Tony believes students learn best from visual instruction and demonstrates his skills, hits precision fungo and exhibits throwing techniques as he instructs. 


He has trained countless college, high school and recreation level players in addition to coaching top ranked National travel ball teams for the So Cal Athletics organization. 


Tony is passionate and active about fundraising for people and community programs in need through his skills clinics. He holds a number of benefit clinics a year to help under served community leagues and players & families in need of support. 


Tony and his wife Rosemary have 3 children and 2 dogs and are life long residents of the South Bay area of Los Angeles.


Medina Softball Clinic’s mission is to develop, train and advance the softball skills of any players who desires to play the game of softball, offering a positive and uplifting environment to learn.


Medina Softball Clinic’s believe athletes excel when they are having fun and enjoy what they are doing. MSC is committed to providing instruction and coaching, in a positive and uplifting training environment. We realize we take part in developing young athletics, we strive for our players to develop increased self-confidence and a love for this game.


We are grateful for each opportunity given to work with softball athletes and to be a part of their growth and development in the sport.


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